We provide you with the complete security solutions within the internal and external threats.

Our consultants have wide rang specialist background and some have military backgrounds and have extensive operational and industry experience in all aspects of international and domestic criminal, terrorism and cyber security threats, that is forming a specialist team of elite consultants.


Upon contact with us, we will provide a complete specialist team to complete a full risk analysis of a complete solution that maximizes protection on all fronts physically and online-based after which you will be trained in all areas where the need is and we will also act as a safety net with your own specialist team that will always be on your side when the need arises in the internal and external areas

Security training

One of the biggest risks is often not weaknesses in the technology controlled environment.

Rather it is the actions or inactions by employees and other personnel through disclosure of information that could be used in a social engineeringattack or not reporting observed unusual activity and so on.


We are talking in a serious and manner that makes it easy for everyone to understand the value of how and why people should and must live in a safer way not only for its own sake, but for all businesses, families and the community at large worldwide.

Everyone will understand safety issues in a new way that will be easily implemented through small changes in the everyday life.


Christian and Maria Österman

Christian and Maria Österman

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